No more gear sitting around in garages and closets. SENDY makes it safe and easy to turn gear into cash. Give your gear a second life.

Provide Gear Details

Provide Gear Details

  • Take great photos and videos of your gear. The better the media, the more likely you are to sell your gear quickly. 
  • Include verbal descriptions of the item while shooting your videos.
  • Provide detailed descriptions of your items and add them to the correct activities and categories to make your items easy to find.
  • Providing a video of your product makes it easy for potential buyers to see the item and minimizes the chances for miscommunication. 
  • Be sure to include photos of any damage or defects on the products so buyers can be aware of the condition before they purchase the item.
Selling is Easy

Selling is Easy

  •  Sellers benefit from a smooth, easy to use interface that connects them with buyers for their used equipment outside of local markets.
  • Sellers pay an 11% charge for the SENDY platform. 

Deliver your Gear

Deliver your Gear

  • Shipping quotes are based on the dimensions inputted by the seller. It’s very important to estimate the dimensions and weight of the box correctly, so the buyer is not surprised by the shipping cost.
  • If the dimensions of the box are incorrect, SENDY reserves the right to deduct the difference from the proceeds of the sale.
  • When a seller accepts an offer, a shipping label will be automatically generated and can be printed at home or at a UPS store.
  • The seller is responsible for packaging the item. Make sure to package the item well.  
  • Once the item is packaged, apply the label to the box for shipping. Drop it off at UPS or schedule a pickup. 
  • All items are tracked through SENDY.
  • You get paid once the buyer has confirmed receipt of the item. Allow time for shipping and the buyer’s 48hr inspection period. 
  • All ski & snowboard equipment can be shipped with UPS.
  • Some items such as kayaks and stand-up paddle boards are simply too large to be shipped and are best left for in person rentals and sales.
  • For shipping specialty items such as bicycles, SENDY is building a custom solution for safe and reliable shipping. 
  • Most bike shops offer professional packing for a small charge. If you want to utilize this, factor it into your listing price. 
  • Social Media integration allows you to easily share gear listings to your friends and followers. 

Post it, sell it, SEND IT!